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We hold events almost every month. Some feature speakers; some offer less formal opportunities to share experiences and get excited about ideas. No registration or membership is required to take part—just come join in!


Tuesday, April 17 – 7:30-8:30 p.m.
EDITORS TALK SHOP: How Much Will It Cost?

Join us to discuss how to accurately estimate your fees when a potential client wants a quote. Let’s have a collegial discussion. What do you count, what do you absorb? What have you learned from previous fiascos and brilliant analyses? What have you read that boosted your confidence, when matching a dollar figure to a proposed project? Please  bring along your questions, your anecdotes, and your success stories.
LOCATION: Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Duckworth Street, St. John’s






Thursday, March 22  – Editing NL’s Hansard
Hansard Manager Mark Jerrett shared insight into the editing work done by those who produce the official transcript of the proceedings of the House of Assembly, its Committees and the House of Assembly Management Commission.

February 20 – Diagramming Sentences: A Refresher
Phil Branigan in the Dept. of Linguistics at Memorial University 
walked a small group of editors through the building blocks of sentences. He demonstrated some instructive diagramming exercises and offered insight into new thinking about how  language is constructed.

January 31, 2018 – Pronouns Plus: Editing with Gender Issues in Mind
Gender activist and academic Gemma Hickey talked with editors and writers about issues relating to gender, pronoun choices and gender in their work, and encouraged respectful enquiry and sensitivity to the use of binary and non-binary language.

November 12 — How to Work with an Editor: Three Perspectives
Sandy Newton, Leslie Vryenhoek and Claire Wilkshire
talked with an overflow crowd of  writers about what to expect when you’re being being edited. The discussion ranged from the different types of editing, to how to build a positive writer/editor relationship. The event was sponsored by the Writers’ Alliance of NL (WANL).

Thursday, October 19 — EDITORS TALK SHOP: The Apps You Love
This informal session offered a chance to share and learn about the apps and software tricks we use  to make our working life easier.

September 28, 2017 – Social Media for Editors
Social media expert David Brake offered tips on using social media effectively, and provided an overview of little known tools to help. Brake’s most recent book is Sharing Our Lives Online: Risks and Exposure on Social Media. 

March 8Editing in the Newsroom
Writer and editor Russell Wangersky shared
 his insider knowledge of the fast-paced, fact-based realities of editing at a newspaper/digital news operation. He talked about the challenges of sheer volume and quick turnaround when reading for style, accuracy and legal compliance–and how those challenges have grown as newsrooms have shrunk and journalists have had to add immediate online copy to the mix. Thanks to Ultramarine Fine Art Studio on Duckworth St. in St. John’s for letting us share the beautiful space!

February 7, 2017 –  Designer-Friendly Editing
Rhonda Molloy of Breakwater Books shared great information on how editors can prepare documents–from books to newsletters to reports–for production in ways that will make the whole process more efficient and deliver better results. Among her top tips: DON’T add extra ANYTHING–no spaces, no design elements, no special fonts or photos. Instead, indicate in red text how you want the designer to do it. The more design you put in, the more she has to strip out! And, she stressed, feel free to talk to the designer about what you want.

October 19, 2016Editors Talk Shop: Changing Gears
An informal session was held to share thoughts and observations about how accepted usage and language is changing—and how editing choices must shift to keep pace.

September 15 , 2016 – Editors NL, in partnership with NLOWE, kicked off our Fall 2016 events with two superb half-day workshops with Frances Peck. Based in B.C., Frances is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and highly regarded editors. The workshops both focused on ways to add clarity and precision to your writing at the sentence-by-sentence level.

1. Getting the Message Across: Tips for Clear Writing – 8:30 a.m.–12 noon
2. Mastering the Sentence – 1–4 p.m.

May 18 , 2016- Group Copy Edit: Non-Fiction with facilitator Erika Steeves
Participants practiced their copy-editing skills by working together on a few short documents and comparing notes on how to query, what to change, what to check, where to comment . . . how to make the many small decisions that come together in a good copy edit.

Thursday, April 7, 2016Employee or Independent Operator?
Learn the Difference and Why It Matters
Presenter: Kim Summers, Senior Financial Analyst, WorkplaceNL

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Business Planning for Freelancers — Presenter: Susan Evans

February 18, 2016 – Editors Talk Style (Sheets)
Copy editing often involves deciding where to adhere to a chosen style guide and where to diverge from it. Participants shared your favourite style sheets and discussed editorial decision-making and ways to record house style.

JANUARY 20, 2016In the House: The Publishing House Editor’s Perspective
James Langer, Editor at Breakwater Books, discussed what it means to be an editor at a modern publishing house, what his work entails, and how the books that Breakwater publishes are chosen. The 15 attendees kept the discussion flowing with questions ranging from “Quotation marks, in or out?” to “Who chooses the cover design?” to “Is there such a thing as ‘editor’s block’?” James offered plenty of insider insight into how he moves from manuscript envelope to bookstore shelf.

DECEMBER 8, 2015  – Seasonal Celebration with WANL
Editors and writers have lots in common—so we raised a glass together to celebrate words and each other at The Ship Pub.

NOVEMBER 17, – ON EDITING POETRY – Award-winning poet and author John Barton, editor of The Malahat Review, shared his strategies on editing poetry, from deciding what belongs in a collection or journal to fine-tuning the lines and language.

OCTOBER 22 – INSIDE MUN’s ISER BOOKS – An Introduction to Scholarly Publishing — Alison Carr, Managing Editor of ISER Books, offered a glimpse into the life of an academic monograph, illustrating the challenges and sharing some of th lessons she’s learned.

SEPTEMBER 22 – COPYRIGHT: A Primer for Editors –  Kim Northcott presented a workshop on what copyright entails, who owns it, and how permission does and doesn’t work. Legal cases and other editing scenarios were reviewed and reliable sources of information shared. Kim is an Editors Canada member currently completing the Certificate in Editing from Simon Fraser University.

JULY 2 – EDITORS TALK SHOP – NL editors who attended the international conference “Editing Goes Global” in Toronto shared what they learned from editorial experts.

MAY 16 – COFFEE AND GRAMMAR TALK AT JUMPING BEAN – Claire Wilkshire answered questions about grammar, style and usage.

APRIL WORKSHOP – Up Your (MS) Word Game with Martha Hickman Hild.

APRIL EDITORS TALK SHOP: GIVE & TAKE IN CLIENT RELATIONS: A lively conversation about disagreements during the editing process – when to work harder to persuade, when to give in to a client’s wishes. Led by Erika Steeves, those in attendance shared their best tips for establishing expectations with clients right from the start of a project.

In February, Running the Goat’s Marnie Parsons shared insight into EDITING CHILDREN’S BOOKS with a focus on picture books. The event was help, appropriately enough, in the A.C. Hunter Library’s children’s area.

Our first session of 2015 in January featured a hands-on editing session: “SHORT CUTS: EDITING TO ANY LENGTH” with Leslie Vryenhoek. Attendees worked to hone, distill and distinguish several short pieces of text, then discuss our choice cuts.

November 2014 – Annual Panel and pre-Christmas party! Authors and Editors Togethereditors and writers

If you missed this, you missed a master class in how to get along with your editor. The event offered a lively discussion about trust, careful criticism, disagreements and the unseemly obstacle of the colon. Two author/editor pairs talked about the ins and outs of working together on the creation of their book.
1) Editor JESSICA GRANT (Making Light of Tragedy and Come, Thou Tortoise) (left) AND author LESLIE VRYENHOEK (Scrabble Lessons and Gulf) discussed the process of editing Leslie’s forthcoming novel, Ledger of the Open Hand.

2) Editor STAN DRAGLAND (author of The Bricoleur and His Sentences, Stormy Weather, Apocrypha, The Drowned Lands, Peckertracks, and other works) AND author ELISABETH DE MARIAFFI (author of the soon to be released The Devil You Know) talked about the process of editing Elisabeth’s short story collection, How To Get Along With Women.

November 18 – A.C. Hunter Children’s Library Resource Room – Hands-On Editing Session

Participants honed their copyediting skills by working together on a few short fictional texts. Facilitated by Claire Wilkshire.

Thursday 25 September – Discussion: “Getting the price right”
7:30 pm Community Room, Sobeys, Merrymeeting Road – Free admission, all welcome.
Should you charge by the word/the hour/the project? How much is enough, how much is too much? Freelancers chat about the knotty questions of pricing and estimates. Facilitator: Erika Steeves

Thursday 23 October – Presentation: “Setting the angel free: Editing for business and communications” – 7:30 pm The Lantern, Barnes Road – Admission $10 at the door, all welcome.
Find out how sharp editing makes the difference in creating successful business communications that will inspire change and action. Presenter: Martha Muzychka, Praxis Communications

Tuesday 18 November – Workshop: Group copyedit (fiction)

JUNE 26 – 7:30 – Community room, Sobeys (upstairs) on Merrymeeting Road, St. John’s
Hot Topics & Insider Tip-Trading – 
NLE co-coordinator Claire Wilkshire led the last event of the season as she shared what she learned at the recent Editors’ Association of Canada Conference in Toronto.

APRIL 22 at 7:30 p.m. – The Lantern, 35 Barnes Rd, St John’s
Records Management 101 for Small Businesses
was offered by Carman Carroll, a records management and archives consultant  who has operated Carroll & Associates Inc. out of St. John’s for over 16 years. He explained what recordsyou should keep and for how long, whether to  keep records in paper, electronic or both forms? Managing email, guarding against losing key business records, and other related issues. Carman Carroll spent many years working in archives in Ottawa and Halifax. He has been

Sunday, MARCH 23 at  3 p.m. – The Ship on Duckworth St.
Editors Talk Shop – The Editorial Eye: Blinded by Art  
Six of a gathered at the Ship for a spirited discussion on why written artforms are edited – and whether the artistic vision is harmed –  but other forms of art do not go through an editing process.

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 26 at 8 pm – The Lantern, 35 Barnes Rd, St John’s
Tamara Reynish of Reynish Communications offeredEditing for the Web” — A good crowd learned how the eye and brain greet text on the screen, and where to put powerful words (and how many of them) for optimum effect. Lively discussion on scrolling, footnoting websites and where to get the best resources for web writing followed the presentation.

Sunday, JANUARY 26 at 3 p.m. – The Ship on Duckworth St.
Editors Talk Shop – Give and Take in Editing: When to hold and when to fold — Should editing be a tug of war? How far can you go in arguing against a writer’s style? How can we resolve these sticky editing situations? This was designed to be an open conversation about editing practice. Alas, there was a blizzard, and very, very few braved it. We’ll try this one again!

Tuesday, December 3 – 7:30 p.m. at LSPU Hall, Second Space (3 Victoria Street, St. John’s)
The Experience of Being Edited – A discussion by a panel of award-winning authors: Michael Crummey, Jessica Grant & Lisa Moore

Tuesday, November 5 – 7:30pm at The Lantern in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Making Word Work for You: Shortcuts, Templates, Macros and Other Handy Time Savers for Editors


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