About NL Editors

Editors NL framed for web Editors NL, part of Editors Canada, organizes professional development and networking sessions in St. John’s (or online) for people interested in editing and related pursuits.

No membership is required to take part in our events.

Want to discover what editing will do for you?

ABOUT EDITORS NL:  Editors NL is just a small branch now—officially, we’re known as a “twig”—but we dream of becoming a sturdy branch, the kind you can tie your swing to and launch into exciting new editing endeavours! The more active members we have, the sturdier we grow.

JOIN US: Start by attending our professional development and networking events. (Dear Editor, don’t you occasionally long to leave your desk and talk it over with like-minded professionals?)

We hold EVENTS from time to time. Some feature speakers; some offer  less formal Editors Talk Shop topics where we share experience and get excited about ideas. No registration is necessary unless specified—just come out (or, lately, log on) and join in!

Consider membership in Editors Canada. Membership means:

  • learning (professional development, discounts on training, certification programs)
  • sharing (your profile and expertise, your editing conundrums)
  • connection (with clients, employers and other editors who share your issues)

Editors Canada has  posted a slate of 20 different sessions of upcoming online webinars, open to members and non-members of the organization. For details and to register, see: www.editors.ca/webinars.

Contact us by email [nle[at]editors.ca.]

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